Release of Information Software & Solutions

SecureRelease is a comprehensive, customizable software solution for Release of Information. With full HIPAA compliance and audit tracking capabilities, SecureRelease offers a complete ROI solution and record fulfillment process for your healthcare organization from start to finish.

Many times, providers will employ a third party to fulfill ROI requests, foregoing the potential revenue stream they could be incurring if they performed these tasks in-house. With SecureRelease, your staff can easily create and manage requests, monitor fulfillment statuses, and manage billing and payment information — while adding an additional revenue stream for your office that would normally go to a third party.

SecureRelease enables you to:

  • Automate much of the ROI fulfillment request process
  • Enjoy transparent HIPAA audit tracking
  • Eliminate the costs of paper, printing, and mailing associated with ROI fulfillment
  • Integrate seamlessly with your current EMR
  • Create a value-added revenue stream

Want a simpler way to handle ROI? SecureRelease offers innovative features to make your life easier at an affordable price.

Begin your 45-day free trial today and start enjoying more streamlined and efficient Release of Information.

Smarter, Simpler ROI Request Fulfillment

  • Achieve superior customer service for ROI requests
  • Enjoy better ROI turnaround time
  • Guarantee thorough quality assurance
  • HIPAA-compliant tracking of all requests